Cedarburg Mercantile:

Curly Top Tees

About Aidan Dow

Meet Aidan Dow! This artist is a young man living with Autism who loves to draw. Challenged by conventional language, art gives Aidan a voice.These designs were carefully (and repeatedly) crafted until Aidan could replicate them with exact precision. His love of drawing turned into a small business while he was in high school. The view of Aidan you will most often see is the top of his head, so the notion of Curly Top was born. The logo features his self-proclaimed “handsome” self-portrait. We hope that you will enjoy Aidan’s voice as much as he loves sharing it! Since starting Curly Top Tees in high school, Aidan has grown and found new joys in life. He likes going to Balance Inc., hanging out with his friends and family, going to the Milwaukee Public Museum, swimming whenever he can, using his phone/iPad, playing the piano and watching movies. Curly Top Tees is no longer in production, but right now you can still take advantage of the last of his stock!

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