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Mama KK

About Mama KK

Karen Umpleby has been a long time supporter of the IDD community. She dedicated 21 years of her life as a Special Education Educational Assistant in the Menomonee Falls School District. Of those 21 years, 7 wonderful years were spent in the Transition program doing job coaching in the community among many other roles. In her spare time, besides spending time with her daughters, husband and grandchild, she loves to knit! She enjoys it so much that she also loved encouraging students that she worked with to try knitting as a relaxing hobby! All of Karen’s, or Mama KK’s products are homemade but more importantly, are practical and made with love!

Our Community


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By volunteering at Blossom IDD, is not only rewarding but, we can direct more of our funding towards programming while providing valuable support from individuals like yourself who share our vision for building strong communities through service.


Support You Need

Blossom IDD offers free resources to not only educate the general public, but also help individuals with IDD and their families realize their full potential by helping them find jobs and develop the skills to make an impact on society.