Share your gift with those in need

We need your help!

By volunteering at Blossom IDD or Cedarburg Mercantile, you can share your special gifts with those who need your help the most. Your help will allow us to provide more programs, services and support to the community we are committed to help.

Volunteers also allow us to use our funding in a more effective way by investing in programs that provide the help and support those with IDD live better lives and become a valued part of our community.

Not sure you can help? It only takes a few hours to make a difference. Reach out to us and we can help you help those in need.

Our Community


Share Our Vision

By volunteering at Blossom IDD, is not only rewarding but, we can direct more of our funding towards programming while providing valuable support from individuals like yourself who share our vision for building strong communities through service.


Support You Need

Blossom IDD offers free resources to not only educate the general public, but also help individuals with IDD and their families realize their full potential by helping them find jobs and develop the skills to make an impact on society.